PAW Organization

About PAW

PAW represents all Postdoctoral Scholars (Postdoctoral Fellows and Postdoctoral Associates) at Western. It acts as a collective voice for postdoctoral scholars on issues of interest to the group and disseminates relevant information. PAW co-ordinates social events and professional development opportunities for postdoctoral scholars, and serves as a liaison between postdoctoral scholars and university administration.

If you’re a postdoctoral scholar at UWO, you fall under PAW. There are no membership fees. Once a year, we hold an annual general meeting and as issues arise throughout the year, we hold meetings as needed.

PAW’s Goals

  • Increase the postdoctoral scholar awareness at UWO
  • Give postdoctoral scholars a venue to meet with other postdoctoral scholars
  • Work with SGPS to inform them about what postdoctoral scholars need and want from their UWO experience
  • Provide a collective voice for the issues of particular relevance/interest to postdoctoral scholars
  • Provide a liaison between postdoctoral scholars and the administration of UWO
  • Promote and develop effective training and career counseling of postdoctoral scholars at UWO
  • Disseminate information pertinent to postdoctoral scholars

We have accomplished this by:

  • Maintaining this website and providing an official email ( account to contact us with.
  • We also maintain Facebook and Twitter pages to share information and events
  • Maintaining our UWO postdoc mailing list to send you up-to-date and pertinent information
  • Setting up monthly meetings on the first Tuesday of every month at 4 pm 
  • Planning a variety of social and professional development events
  • Listening to the postdocs’s questions and answering through our Frequently Asked Questions page 

Get Involved

There are still many plans for building the postdoctoral community as well as providing professional and social development opportunities to postdoctoral scholars.

In order for us to succeed,  PAW needs you to help us help you!

We encourage you to:

  1. Email us with any ideas for events, feedback and comments. 
  2. Let your peers know that they should sign up to our mailing list by emailing us.
  3. Volunteer with us! If you have a specific interest, we may be able to tailor a position for you. We know that postdoctoral scholars are very busy establishing themselves as independent scientists, however, many of these positions will not require too much of your time and will only help build your resume and network. A list of council positions and responsibilities are posted here, but other opportunities are available (please email to find out more).